Flsun Q5

Flsun Q5

FLsun Q5 – Affordable Delta 3D printer     Layer height: 0.1 mm Feeder system: Bowden Extruder type: Single nozzle Nozzle size: 0.4 mm Max. build volume: Ø200 x 200 mm Max. extruder temperature: 270 °C...

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Flsun Q5

FLsun Q5

FLsun Q5 is a small low price delta printer that prints 1485Kr

RevoPoint POP 3D Scanner

A small light 3D scanner, there does well and very easy
Qidi Tech X-MAX

Qidi Tech X-MAX

X-MAX a big heavy inclosed 3D printer comes with normal extruder 7480 DKRKr

Marble Dark

Very nice color mix in the filament, easy to print with. 145Kr
Filament PM PLA Graphite Black

Graphite Black

Graphite Black with super smooth surface on the prints. It prints 99.95Kr


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